Stone has been used in building for thousands of years, consequently stone masonry is one of the most ancient trades still practiced today. Cathedral Landscape and Fencing is owned by an extremely skilled and experienced stone mason who ensures his tradesmen meet his standard.  He has very skilled men in his team, and a number of well regarded local, national and international suppliers to choose from to ensure that the final product is of the highest possible standard that we are proud to leave and you are proud to show off.

Every county in England, and around the world for that matter, has its own unique style of stonework common to its rural hedges, garden walls and houses. This is due to the type of stone that naturally occurs in that part of the world, Cornwall is no exception.  Cornwall is home to a lot of granite, of many different colours, textures, shapes and sizes.  This granite can be used to build rustic dry stone walls, hedges, steps, large retaining walls or can even be cut, shaped or polished to achieve stunning finishes. If Cornwall can't provide exactly what you want, granites of many different colours from silver and brown to black and even pink can be sourced from further afield to ensure the perfect colour scheme in your garden.

There are other types of natural stone that can be used to suit the exact requirements of the individual. Callywith stone for example; depending on how it is laid will give a very different finish.  Callywith can be dry laid for a beautiful, natural looking hedge that can allow plants to grow through, it can also be laid with mortar to turn an unsightly block retaining wall into a beautiful garden feature or even used to face a set of steps with a delicate and intricate stone finish. If you give beautiful stone to accomplished tradesmen, the possibilities are second only to the finish that can be achieved.

If you don't think that your garden lends itself to the natural stone look and something more contemporary is required, don’t worry- the number of manufactured stone solutions available is as vast as it is eclectic.With stone of every colour, style, texture and size imaginable we can discuss what it is you would like to see in your garden.We suggest products that might suit you and can recommend ways of using it.Once we have interpreted your needs and come up with a plan that you like, you can sit back and watch your ideas materialise and evolve as we work.