A lot of what we do can be interconnected; if you want a deck we can build in seating or a pergola. You may want a standalone Pergola or one that’s attached to your house.

Decking is particularly versatile, it can be installed in any shape or size in any area, and can turn an unusable space into a place you can now enjoy. All decks will be designed to your specific requirements and can include railings, steps, seating, planters and even hot tubs.

Modern practices mean that nowadays you have a lot more options; plastic and composite materials can create many different aesthetics and come with additional benefits including longevity of life and resistance to the elements. No longer will your deck be a hazard throughout the wet months nor a home for unwanted growth, composite decking will negate the necessity for regular maintenance.

Enhancing your garden further, timber can be used in a number of different ways for various purposes, whether you want something to support your climbing plants, cover your favourite garden/BBQ area, shelter your dogs in the winter or even keep your logs dry.