Not all of our customers want or need a large construction project going on in their back garden, and not all landscaping is concrete and stone and walls and paving; sometimes flower beds, turf and boarders are what's required to enhance your outside space. Cathedral has the ability to use machines or man power combined with premium screened topsoil and high quality turfs to create a perfectly flat lawn or a rolling grassy meadow. We can also bring in our topsoil to make flower beds or vegetable gardens.


If it's the maintenance you want to cut down on, we supply and install a very impressive range of artificial grass. Becoming ever more popular as the quality and authenticity of the state of the art technology evolves, artificial lawns offer a range of benefits; low maintenance, all year round brightness, resistance to corrosive natural substances from animals or trees to name but a few. The only way your friends will recognise that your grass is in fact artificial is when they visit in the winter and see that bright, summery lawn!

From decorative aggregates to soft play areas to bark chippings and composters, soft or hard, natural or manufactured, green, brown, silver, black, purple, yellow or pink- we can discuss, advise, design and create whatever it is that you require to make your garden, terrace, backyard, driveway, lawn, vegetable garden or deck exactly as you want it and exactly as you need it.

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