We use numerous suppliers, each which a plethora of different products that can be used in a variety of applications. Each of these materials is available in various colours, shapes and sizes. The list to choose from is endless; this means that with our input and advice, along with your ideas and preferences we can guarantee you will not only be satisfied with our work, but we will deliver exactly what you want, even if you’re not sure what that is yet!

The floor of your outside area is the foundation to the rest of the garden and because it can be the first thing people notice as they walk into your garden we want to ensure its perfect for you. The product or combination of products that we use is chosen and tailored to suit each individual project. If it's a driveway you require renovating then a strong, hard wearing product is necessary whereas a courtyard or patio for outdoor seating or entertaining can require a more refined method; a natural stone circle or Celtic cross inlaid in your patio can make a real conversation piece.

We can source most kinds of paving, from natural stone products to manufactured paving of any pattern, texture or colour, this means we can incorporate colour schemes from around your home to match and ensure continuity, if that’s what you desire.

Here at Cathedral, we don't just specialise in the aesthetics of the finish to your patio or driveway, we will also make a sure we have the practicalities in hand as well- we will make certain that there is sufficient drainage in place to deal with rain water and that the appropriate levels and thresholds are achieved between new and existing areas. Whether there is the requirement for a land drain or a soak away or a set of steps to marry the new levels with the existing ones- construction and ground works are all part of the service we provide.